About us

With our slogan “We deliver what we Promise Lingas Entertainment It “is a dynamic 100% black owned recording and artist Promotions Company that caters to South Africa’s ever-growing music industry” and handles artist management, booking, travel, and recording.

Lingas Entertainment is an independent South African label that was instrumental in uplifting youth talents Lingas Entertainment was founded by Dr Malinga in October 2008. The company signed Mr Style in 2015 as their first artist and released their debut single “Uthanda Ungathandi and Take it Back” in the same month and now busy working for an Album

In June 2015, Lingas Entertainment officially signed their second artist by the name Royal Suave who sings Hip Hop music and release his debut Single Brenda Fassie under the label and later he release his second single ft Dr Malinga and AB Crazy called Awazi Fokol which he shot a music video for the song and it will be out soon. And also working for his hip hop Album

In July 2015, Lingas Entertainment officially signed their third artist by the name Josta who is an artist and a music Producer at a same time. He release his hit Single Mntwanomuntu ft Dr Malinga and Lukay Wa Lehipi under Lingas Entertainment the song was topping charts in many Radio Stations and he also shot a music video which will be out soon, Now his busy working on his first Album.

The Company was formed in 2008 by Dr Malinga by then he was still struggling with Funds to make the company a force to be reckoned with but he took its name Lingas from the respective surname Malinga. Mr Style was label’s first signing, with debut new single “Uthanda Ungathandi and Take it Back

Lingas Entertainment music brings a feverish pitch to the music /dance industry. They are igniting dance floors both locally and internationally from House and Hip hop music in the city of Tshwane. The labels artists have been performing in big events to crowds as big as 10 000 alongside industry veterans such as DJ Christos, DJ Fresh, Oskido, Ganyani,Mahoota.Dj Tira,Ralf Gum, Harrison Crump the list is endless. This has indeed made Lingas Entertainment a household name in the SA party and music production scene. The label continues to grow its brand as prime produce of a sound that uniquely blends Afro house, Commercial House, Hip Hop and Gospel