Dr Malinga to assist younger musicians

Singer, Dr Malinga, says he wants to give back to the community by assisting younger musicians. Known for his highly energetic performances and a high kick trademark, Dr Malinga has come a long way in the music industry. He recently started his new record label Lingas Entertainment and also he released his debut album “1st injection”.

Speaking on Morning Live, Dr Malinga says he would like to work with Black Coffee and go international.

Originally published on www.sabc.co.za


  • Anderson Young Blood (Gills)


    Good Afternoon I am a young rapper who is trying to work so hard to make to the music industry and I would love to work with you to reach my dreams as a rapper I pray to hear from you soon God bless take care one love

  • Lerato Nkosi


    Hi Dr malinga, I read about how you want to give back to the community by empowering and mentoring young artist especially those who come from disadvantage back rounds, I’m a young female vocalist that loves singing and would like to be mentored by you.



    good work Dr lingas you are inspiring us

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